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The GDPR’s Effects in China: Comparison with Local Rules and Considerations for Implementation

By and on May 31, 2018
Posted In Consumer Protection, Cybersecurity, Data breach, Data Privacy, Data Transfers/Safe Harbor/Privacy Shield, General Interest

As Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect, companies around the world are racing to implement compliance measures. In parallel with the GDPR’s development, China’s new data protection framework has emerged over the past year and is in the final stages of implementing the remaining details. With similar and often overlapping obligations, full compliance...

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The General Data Protection Regulation: Key Requirements and Compliance Steps for 2018

By , , , , , , , and on Feb 6, 2018
Posted In Big Data, Consumer Protection, Cybersecurity, Data Privacy

Enforceable in all EU member states on 25 May 2018, the General Data Privacy Regulation will require action by organisations both inside and outside the European Union to ensure compliance with this far-reaching privacy legal framework. Compliance is even more urgent given that the GDPR provides for large penalties in cases of infringement. As some...

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New Chinese Government Report Highlights Recent Data Protection Enforcement and Attitudes

By and on Jan 4, 2018
Posted In Advertising & Marketing, Consumer Protection, Cybersecurity, Data Privacy

In the final days of 2017, the vice chairman of the Standing Committee of China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) submitted a report to the Standing Committee of the NPC detailing the Network Security Law enforcement inspection project that began earlier in the year. This inspection had focused on five key points under the government’s overall...

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Transferring Data from China: Who Must First Pass a Pre-Export Security Assessment?

By and on Dec 22, 2017
Posted In Big Data, Consumer Protection, Cybersecurity, Data Privacy

China’s new data protection framework clearly creates a requirement for local storage and conducting a security assessment before personal information or important data is shared with other jurisdictions, but it is currently much less clear what types of entities fall under this requirement. Localization and Transfer Assessment Requirements Related to CII Operators Under the People’s...

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China Data Protection Enforcement Update – A Focus on Platform Content

By and on Oct 19, 2017
Posted In Cybersecurity, General Interest

Following the first enforcement actions by local authorities in Shantou and Chongqing for violations of the new Network Security Law that came into effect this year, authorities in China have recently shown a clear initial focus with several new cases targeting provisions of the law that require monitoring of platform content. As of the start...

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China’s Network Security Law Comes into Effect: What It Means for Your Company

By and on Jun 1, 2017
Posted In Cybersecurity, General Interest

Today, China’s much anticipated Network Security Law comes into effect after two years of review, revisions over three drafts and a public commenting process. The law is a historical development for China’s legislative coverage of information security and data protections. It also represents one of the strictest approaches in any jurisdiction worldwide, and a continuation...

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Digital Due Diligence: Uncovering Violations in China

By on Sep 18, 2015
Posted In Data Privacy, Workplace Privacy

The strong correlation between economic instability and corruption is a worrying reality for China’s already challenging legal environment. Digital due diligence can be of huge value in uncovering violations, as long as it is utilized correctly. Read the full article.

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