Texas telehealth requirements will significantly change in the near future if Texas Senate Bill 1107 is passed into law, as it removes the controversial “face-to-face” or in-person consultation requirement to establish a physician-patient relationship and lawfully provide telehealth and telemedicine services within the state. This bill comes after a six-year-long battle between telemedicine stakeholders and the Texas Medical Board, and will better align Texas’ regulations with those found in other states.

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Photo of Dale C. Van Demark Dale C. Van Demark

Dale C. Van Demark advises clients in the health industry on strategic transactions and the evolution of health care delivery models. He has extensive experience in health system affiliations and joint venture transactions. Dale also provides counseling on the development of technology in health care delivery, with a particular emphasis on telemedicine. Dale has been at the forefront of advising clients with respect to the globalization of the US health care industry. He advises US and non-US enterprises with respect to the formation of cross-border affiliations and international patient programs. In addition to writing regularly on matters related to his practice, Dale has spoken at numerous conferences around the world on the globalization of health care. Read Dale Van Demark’s full bio.

Photo of Lisa Schmitz Mazur Lisa Schmitz Mazur

Lisa Schmitz Mazur advises health care providers and technology companies on a variety of legal, regulatory and compliance matters with a particular focus on digital health topics, including telehealth, telemedicine, mobile health and consumer wellness. Lisa advises a variety of health care providers and technology companies involved in “digital health,” including assisting clients in developing and implementing telemedicine programs by advising on issues related to professional licensure, scope of practice, informed consent, prescribing and reimbursement. Lisa helps clients identify and understand the relevant legal issues, and develop and implement practical, forward-thinking solutions and strategies that meet the complex and still-evolving digital health regulatory landscape.  Read Lisa Schmitz Mazur’s full bio.

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Marshall E. Jackson, Jr. focuses his practice on transactional and regulatory counseling for clients in the health care industry, as well as advises clients on the legal, regulatory and compliance aspects of digital health. Marshall provides counseling and advice to hospitals and health systems, private equity firms and their portfolio companies, post/sub-acute providers, physician practices, and other public and private health care companies in a variety of complex transactions and health regulatory compliance matters. Read Marshall Jackson’s full bio.

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Shelby Buettner advises pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturers, healthcare technology companies and healthcare providers on FDA regulatory and compliance matters. She regularly counsels clients on regulatory and policy considerations associated with mobile medical technology, telehealth, telemedicine, digital health and clinical research. Shelby assists clients, including academic medical centers and biotechnology manufacturers, with regulatory, transactional and compliance issues related to clinical research, manufacturing and quality issues and legislative initiatives affecting the healthcare industry. Shelby’s transactional practice focuses on advising investors on FDA regulatory and business considerations in pharmaceutical, medical device and clinical research transactions and contractual arrangements. She also assists investors and companies to conduct due diligence on FDA regulatory matters for mergers and acquisitions and other transactions. Read Shelby Buettner’s full bio.